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Susan Alvarez Partner & Vice President of Consulting Services
ITK Solutions Group, LLC.

I have worked with Hull Technologies over several years and multiple projects. They take the time to understand the business side of any issues affecting code development.

This skill set is a great fit for our company and allows two key things:
(1) better holistic solutions for our clients and
(2) less customization unless really called for.

I am comfortable recommending Hull Technologies on any project.

Wajahat Macci Chief Finance Officer
24/7 DCT

I am thoroughly satisfied with Hull Technologies and its expertise in implementing Business Central.

From start to finish, they've shown professionalism and deep understanding of our needs, tailoring solutions seamlessly. Business Central has greatly streamlined our operations, enhancing financial visibility and overall performance. Their proactive approach and commitment make them highly recommended for any organization seeking seamless implementation and expert support.

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